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Berryberry Cream Pudding Slime

Berryberry Cream Pudding Slime

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  • Handmade Slime
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Description of Slime

  • Size : 8oz
  • Scent : Strawberry Yogurt
  • Glue : I-glue + I-glue all + Tacky glue
  • Texture :  Feels like soft and sticky cream sauce.


Feels matt and plump like pudding at first, but a little moist and creamy texture becomes noticeable later.
Because it's well coated, beads rarely fall out, toppings on top may fall a little though.
Thanks to tiny block beads that are properly many, it easily makes amazing sounds, and it doesn't feel weighty🤭
The scent is refreshing strawberry yogurt🍓


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