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Soft Pudding Slime

Soft Pudding Slime

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  • Handmade Slime
  • Optimum Temperature Storage
  • Reasonable Shipping Price

Description of Slime

  • Size : 4oz
  • Scent : Vanilla
  • Glue :  Butter-jiggly slime + clay
  • Texture : The base is light and jiggly, and thickness is added to it after mixing the clay.

- Every slime order comes with a slime care set, including an SG slime care card, one bottle of activator, one bottle of glycerine, a bag of borax powder, and an SG logo sticker.

- If slimes are too sticky or hard, please follow the instructions on the slime care card.

 #폭신푸딩 슬라임

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