• Slime normally deflates over time.


  • Borax powder is used in all slimes in our mall.
    • The amount of borax powder in a product is different on respective slime.
    • We highly recommend washing your hands properly before and after playing slime.


  • Every package of a slime order is included with activator, deactivator, borax powder, and a slime care card.


  • For the time being, we only accept PayPal for payment. Other payment methods, such as credit cards, will be updated very soon.


Slime Care

  • Slime's lifetime is NOT permanent. In the case preservation for a long time is needed, you can dry it up until it gets hard. Then melt it with hot water when playing. But we highly recommend playing in a short time after received products.


  • There are two ways to discard slime
    1. Dry it up on such a plastic bag or paper bag. Cut it into pieces. Then throw it away with general garbage.
    2. Soak it in vinegar water until it gets completely dissolved. Then let it flow into a drain. (You can recover beads this way)
  • Slime's lifetime depends on a storing method because glue is vulnerable to high temperatures.
    • In the summer season, since slime more easily gets melted, it'd better be stored in the fridge or cool place.
    • In the winter season, Slime may get tight. Keep it in a warm place in that case.


  • If you have warm or dry hands, Control the texture of slime with activator and apply hand cream or Vaseline on your hands before playing.


  • After playing, keep slime in the case open for 5-10mins to cool it down so that slime doesn't meltdown in the case.


  • If you feel itchy or a rash pops up on your skin while playing, instantly stop playing.



  • We recommend minors under the age of 13 not buying and playing slimes.
    • Or we suggest parents or guardians be with minors when playing.


For any inquires regarding refund, return, cancellation and shipping, please refer to "Shipping and Refund Policy" below of the site.


Last updated: 8/12/2021



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