• Every shipment of orders placed on our site is processed through DHL Express.
  • All shipping cost is the actual cost. The shipping cost is calculated at check-out after your address is input.
  • All additional costs, such as duties, taxes, or VAT, imposed by each country are the responsibilities of purchasers. These additional costs are NOT included in the shipping cost, so please make sure to figure out these additional costs at the local post office before you place orders.

    • How long does it take for my order to arrive?
    Most orders need 5-7 days to arrive at you, but in case overorders are being processed or depending on the circumstances of local shippers, it might take, at longest, 8-12 business days.
    •  I input the wrong name/address. What do I do?

    It's basically impossible to have your name or address details modified after your orders are shipped out. But, there might still be a chance that your orders are not processed yet, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible in case changes are in need.

    • My order is missed.

    First off, we will be checking our shipping process and record of your order. After then, we will help with a refund for it.


    • Since all slimes in our mall are hand-made products. we can not help you with a claim for a refund issued by change of one's mind. Claims for a refund caused by other reasons are followed by the policy below.
    • Slime is a product that loses its value at the moment of opening the case. For this reason, a refund claim for individual slime after it's opened is not acceptable.
    • All claims for a refund is processed by "Indemnity letter" of "DHL Express"
    • Products damaged or wrong products delivered will be refunded.
      • Refund for damaged products : Please e-mail our Customer Service Center with the details below
        • A picture of the invoice attached on the box
        • Pictures of the appearance state of the box
        • Pictures of damaged items
        • The order number and the tracking number
      • Refund for wrong products delivered : Please e-mail our Customer Service Center with the details below
        • Pictures of items you received wrong
        • The order number and the tracking number


    • Most orders usually get ready to be shipped out right after orders are placed. For this reason, cancellations are not acceptable in most cases. So we ask you to choose your order carefully. However, cancellation might be processed if the orders are not shipped out yet and we could help with it, so we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible in case of cancellation needed.


    Seoul GAGE customer service center :


    • For further inquires regarding shipping, refund, cancellation, or anything, please feel free to contact us via E-mail or DM on Instagram.
    • We will contact you back as soon as possible, but please allow us at the latest 3 days.



    Last updated: 8/10/2021



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