What is Seoul GAGE(가게)/gɑgɛ/?

가게(GAGE) is a place where people come and go every day to buy small stuff, simply meaning, a shop or store in English.
This word sounds like a traditional place to Koreans, but GAGE is still steeping into our everyday lives. Wherever you go around in Korea, it is next to us no matter what kind of a GAGE. So, this is a word that every Korean knows and feels familiar with.

Seoul GAGE is a global slime shopping mall which makes it easy to purchase the BEST Korean slime shops' marvelous slimes, with no tiresome tasks, such as complicated order procedures or custom clearance.

With Seoul GAGE, you no longer need to contact Korean slime markets one by one personally and to go through such hassle on ordering on your own, but just visit our mall and you can shop any Korean slimes you like!

Just like GAGE's original meaning, Seoul GAGE shall be with YOU and every slimers from worldwide on K-Slime's journey into the world.



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