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SeoulGAGE has created a slime-specific glue that you won't find anywhere else in the world. There's no need to purchase other types of glue for making slime anymore.
With iGLUE, you have the most suitable option!

The Journey of Creating iGLUE

Crafted to Meet the Demands of Finest Slime Artisans

We have collaborated with the best slime markets in the world to develop glue optimized for slime. This glue, made exclusively for slime, ensures the best products and the highest satisfaction.

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Our Brand STORY

Key Features Of iGLUE

Common Features of Product Line

iGLUE is a safe glue with no preservatives or additives. It has received the KC certification mark, a standard recognized in Korea (iGlue-newclear). All products in this line share a thin, creamy texture, making them the perfect glue specifically designed for making slime.


iGlue Standard is exceptionally moist and boasts a smooth surface, providing a unique coating texture. It is creamy and unlike any other glue available on the market; if comparisons must be made, it is closest to iGlue-All.


iGLUE-All is known for its chewy and strong texture, making it perfect for creating slime, especially when combined with other glues and clay. It is easy to coat and, while similar to Amazon school glue, it offers unique differences that set it apart.


iGlue-Clear, while known for being challenging to make slime due to its need for a strong coating, can easily capture details compared to other clear glues and produces slimes that last long. Frankly speaking, this clear glue is quite difficult to handle in general slime markets. Despite this, it remains popular in the Korean slime market because its strengths—durability and longevity—outweigh its weaknesses.


iGlue-Solid is known for its creamy and moist consistency, offering a thick texture that enhances the slime-making experience. This unique formulation ensures a durable, long-lasting slime, making it a favorite among both novice and experienced slime makers.


iGlue - White Glue Type is exceptionally moist, featuring a smooth surface and a unique coating texture. It is creamy and stands out from other glues on the market, with its closest comparison being iGlue-All.

Our Efforts to Achieve Mutual Growth

We produce glue based on the feedback from markets and supply it, providing them with sales channels. From within Korea to all over the world, anyone who can create the best slime can thrive and succeed together with us.

Yyoung's Ginger Lemon Bed Slime

Mutual Growth Feature 1

A Distribution Network with Markets

We uniquely provide opportunities for mutual growth and success as the only specialized distributor in Korea for handmade slime products, serving both domestic and international markets.

Mutual Growth Feature 2

The Sole Organizer of Slime Fairs in Korea

We provide opportunities for markets to sell both online and offline, bringing them closer to consumers and increasing their visibility. Our belief is that mutual growth with the markets leads to the success of SeoulGAGE.

Mutual Growth Feature 3

The Only Handmade Slime Markets Hub

Nowhere else in the world will you find a hub like SeoulGAGE that gathers handmade slime markets in one place. With over 35 diverse markets, we create the highest quality slime in Korea.

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Blueberry Whipping Cream Slime

Markets Boasting Exceptional Quality

Korean Slime Loved by Slimers

Korean slime is renowned for its high quality among slimers. The best from Korea can proudly claim to be the best in the world. The catalogs of over 35 markets on SeoulGAGE are filled with their genuine pride and excellence.

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Remarkable Growth

Amazingly Radiant Growth, Just Like Seoul

Discover the impressive growth of SeoulGAGE in sales volume, session count, and customer conversion rates.

The Growth of SeoulGAGE 1

Noticeable Change in Sales Volume

Our SeoulGAGE, which has shown steady growth every year, surpassed the total sales of 2023 just by May this year. Considering the sales trend, projections indicate a 747% increase compared to our first year in 2021 and a 264% increase compared to 2023.

The Growth of SeoulGAGE 2

Impressive Boost in Conversion Rates

Conversion rates directly impact sales growth in online stores. Since the renewal of SeoulGAGE Season 3 shop in early April, conversion rates have increased by 209% compared to the same period last year.

The Growth of SeoulGAGE 3

Unbelievable Payment Conversion Rate

Since launching Season 3, SeoulGAGE has seen an unbelievable increase in payment conversion rates. The number of customers abandoning their carts at the payment stage has noticeably decreased. Both conversion and payment conversion rates have risen, with the payment conversion rate up by 274% compared to the previous year (as of June).

The Growth of SeoulGAGE 4

Loyalty and New Customer Acquisition

SeoulGAGE customer base frequently includes returning buyers, and we also continually attract new customers. This combination drives the growing potential of SeoulGAGE.

The Growth of SeoulGAGE 5

Global Store with Worldwide Purchases

SeoulGAGE is a global specialty slime shop with purchases from various countries. Our flat shipping rate allows us to receive orders from diverse nations and continents. The world is vast, and so are the endless possibilities for SeoulGAGE!

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